Axisbase is a database system that you can use to track whatever kind of information your business deals with. For example, it could track sales made on a web site, perform order fulfillment from your office, maintain inventory lists, or maintain any other structured information.

Axisbase is comparable to other personal/office database tools like Filemaker and Microsoft Access, and it is also a database server like MySQL or Microsoft SQL Server. Because it contains both parts, Axisbase can accomplish similar feats to that of the new breed of on-line tools like WebOffice; however, Axisbase is not used through a browser and there is no monthly fee.

This site contains help on using and designing solutions with Axisbase.


Download Axisbase 1 (free) from Divergent Labs (

The latest version is 20110103 (January, 2011).


For help, please see Contact-us page.

Site Contents

  • The Evaluation section contains information you need to evaluate whether Axisbase will work for your project.
  • The Quick start section shows end-users how to install Axisbase and use pre-built solutions.
  • The Planning section is the guide to help you get from requirements to finished product.
  • The Reference section explains specific features, intended to be used during development.

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