Integrity Check

The Integrity Check command is available from the Database menu, but only if you opened a file locally; it is not available if you connected to a server database.

File corruption may occur if the power is suddenly cut off while Axisbase is writing to the database file, or hardware failure. When Axisbase detects corruption, it reports messages, which may be viewed in the Integrity Check window. One instance of corruption can lead to further messages at a later time. If the menu item is highlighted, there are messages waiting to be read. Unread messages are not saved when the file is closed.

In addition to messages, the Integrity Check command offers tools which can be used to diagnose or correct corruption.

If you suspect corruption or there are messages indicating corruption:

  1. Choose the Save Copy As command to save a copy of the database to a new file. Don't overwrite any backups.

  2. Run all of the integrity tools

Although the Integrity Check command is not available in server mode, you can check the directory where the database is stored for files starting with the name of your database file, and ending with "errors.txt". Any errors detected by the server are written to this file.

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