Window window

Also see Editing grids and cells.

A window building block contains one band, in which you can place nested lists, text, images, hyperlinks, or user-defined building blocks.

If you open a window from the Building Blocks window, you will see the General and Layout tabs, where you design your window - design mode. To use the window in user mode, add it to the sidebar, or press View Results from the design window.

Parameters on windows

You can place parameter entry fields on your windows as an alternative to using the parameter entry window that Axisbase shows automatically.

To do this:

  • Define the parameter(s) in the General tab. (If your window contains a nested list whose data source uses parameters, you can define parameters with the same in the window, and Axisbase will treat them as the same parameter.)

  • Insert the parameter in the layout tab (right click, then select Insert > Parameter)

While viewing the window in user mode, a user can change the value right on the window. There are two main reasons to do this:

  • Lists that are nested in the window and use parameters of the same name as defined in the window will respond to the changed value, if the user chooses Reload List from the list's menu.

  • Hyperlinks can forward the entered value to the target building block. See Hyperlinks and nesting

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