Building blocks window

The building blocks window lists all the building blocks available in the current and linked databases, and allows you to work with them.

To open the building blocks window, press F8 or click on the sidebar item under Design.

Use this to open and manage building blocks. You can also set up building blocks for quick access on the sidebar.

Ways to open building blocks

You can open a building block from the building blocks window by pressing Open or double clicking on it. This will open it in design mode.

If you have assigned a building block to a sidebar section, and you click on it from there, it will open in end-user mode, which hides some or all of the design features.

Special features

Press Actions to open a menu of special actions:

  • Actions > Export: Use this to export building blocks to an XML file. The file can then be imported into another database.

  • Actions > Change AxisID References: Use this to change Axis ID references within all the selected building blocks. The main purpose of this is to save time in the event that you have to change the Axis ID of a database. Suppose you change the Axis ID of a database from ALPHA to BETA. All the building blocks still reference ALPHA (that is, they contain the word "ALPHA") in many places, which would be tedious to go and fix individually. So, use this feature to change the references from ALPHA to BETA.

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