Label Printer window

The Label Printer building block prints data, like the Report. The difference is that Reports always print in one column and expand to as many pages as needed to print their contents, while Label Printers force contents of a list to fit in rectangles, suitable for printing on media such as adhesive labels or pre-perforated cards.

Features & Tips

  • You can use a Label Printer with any data source, so you can define a subset of records to print. After printing, if there were printer problems and you need to just print a few labels again, you can select the specific ones to re-print.
  • You can design a solution in which you email to those recipients with email addresses and print labels for the other recipients.
  • If you run a set of labels and there is a partial page of blank labels remaining, you can re-use that sheet for the next run. Just specify the row number of the first full row of labels on the first page.
  • To combine multiple fields and eliminate the space between, such as with city, state, and postal code, use a formula. An example formula would be (depending on your Axis ID and type name): ", " #PLUTO.cust.state " "
  • Use the Grow to Fit command (right click on a cell in the layout) to specify whether you want to allow a cell to expand to 2 or more lines of text, or whether you want to cut it off. For mailing labels, normally you will set Maximum lines = 1 for all cells.
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