Product limitations

Axisbase is not intended to replace database heavyweights like SQL Server and Oracle. Here are the main limitations you should know about Axisbase before settling on it.

  • Axisbase is not scalable to server farms. If you expect your load to increase beyond one server, then go with something else.

  • Axisbase does not support transactions. You cannot make a sequence of changes and then roll them back; each change is committed. Most databases for small business and web sites don't need transactions, or it can be worked around in some cases. But if you need transactions, consider another product.

  • Axisbase does not support the SQL language. SQL is a standard, despite its problems, and if you need to develop a solution that can be ported to multiple database servers, then you need to use SQL.

  • Currently Axisbase programming is only supported from .NET languages including C# and Visual Basic. So if you are using PHP, Java or any other language, you won't be able to code for Axisbase.

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