What is Axisbase? Axisbase is database system - consisting of an internet database server and a desktop tool. You can use it to build a system to manage whatever kind of information your business deals with. For example, it could track sales made on a web site, and perform order fulfillment from your office. Axisbase is comparable to other database tools like Filemaker, Microsoft Access, or MySQL.

Who is it for?
Axisbase is designed for information workers without specialized database knowledge, but it is also malleable in the hands of programmers.

The main benefits are

  • Axisbase encourages good design, which can promote quality and cost savings throughout the organization

  • It is built on Microsoft .NET, which ensures a long product life.

  • There is a short learning time to get started, and thereafter, the learning curve is gradual.

  • You can easily outsource hosting and backups to a secure datacenter, with no change in the way you use the tools. This means you can work with your data from anywhere.

  • And, the bottom line: The cost of building, maintaining, and distributing business solutions with Axisbase is very low (see the goals whitepaper and the programmer eval for explanations)

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